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Oregon Reverse Mortgages

When you need the best reverse mortgage loan options in Oregon, contact Angella Conrard, CRMP

Retirees and residents of the Pacific Northwest state of Oregon are utilizing reverse mortgages to supplement their retirement funds. One thousand nine hundred ninety-nine senior Oregonians currently have an Oregon reverse mortgage, proving helpful during the current financial climate.

Angella Conrard is your Oregon reverse mortgage specialist and holds the highest level of education and certification in the form of a Certified Reverse Mortgage Certification or CRMP. Along with her company, C2 Financial Corporation, she can provide the widest variety of Oregon reverse mortgages today. C2 is an award-winning mortgage company located in Southern California. Recognized by the mortgage industry as a top leader, C2 is also A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Angella's philosophy regarding reverse mortgages is to educate you, not "sell" you on the programs. She ensures you understand and are comfortable with the reverse mortgage process and loan products. She is your trusted reverse mortgage loan advisor, ready to help you navigate the process towards greater financial flexibility during retirement.

What is an Oregon Reverse Mortgage?

Oregon reverse mortgages allow seniors 62 and older to tap into the equity they've built in their homes. Often, home equity is the greatest asset a retiree holds – why not put it to work for you?

Known as a “non-recourse” loan, a reverse mortgage is a safe and viable way to monetize that equity without a monthly mortgage payment. Non-recourse means the borrower never pays more than the home value when the loan is due. Qualified seniors must maintain the home, keep current with property taxes and insurance, and live in the home as their primary residence.

Payout options include cash out, term (monthly payments for a specified period), line of credit, tenure (lifetime monthly payments), or a combination of the above. Many opt to pay off any remaining regular mortgage and set up a line of credit for use when needed.

You don't have to pay back the loan until a "maturity event" occurs, which may be when you sell, move, or pass away. At that point, you or your heirs may choose to refinance the mortgage and pay off the reverse mortgage, with the proceeds then going to you or the estate. Others decide to sell the home outright.

About Oregon

Oregon is known for forestry, agriculture, nursery products, and food processing in the Pacific Northwest just below Washington, above California, and bordering Idaho and Nevada. Tourists enjoy the wonders of outstanding natural attractions, such as Crater Lake, Mount Hood, Cannon Beach, and trendy Portland. In the summer, Ashland is famous for the Shakespearian Festival, which attracts enthusiasts from around the country.

Oregon, also known as “The Beaver State,” has a population of 4,237,256, with Portland being the most populated with 666,249 residents, followed by Eugene (180,748) and Salem (179,715). It is the 33rd state in the union, having been admitted in 1859. The average home price is $534,956.

The Portland metropolitan area is often called the "Silicon Forest" as high tech has grown over the past decades. Portland is also known for being eclectic, and you will find hats and T-shirts which boast "Keep Portland Weird" – a fun reference to this unique culture. It is home to Nike, Portland State University, and a maze of bridges that connect the Eastern and Western sides of the city over the Willamette River.

Contact your Oregon Reverse Mortgage Specialist.

If you’re like your Oregon neighbors and wish to learn more about reverse mortgages in Oregon, contact Angella to start the conversation. You will find her helpful, compassionate, and experienced. (949) 439-7030

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