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Florida Reverse Mortgages

For the best reverse mortgage loan options in Florida, you need Angella Conrard, CRMP

The option to get a reverse mortgage in Florida is a big decision; you need an experienced, knowledgeable loan professional. Angella Conrard, CRMP, holds the highest education and certification available as a Certified Reverse Mortgage professional. Her approach is education, not sales, dedicated to helping you understand every aspect of the loan and the process.

With award-winning C2 Financial Corporation, Angella can offer you various loan options for Florida reverse mortgages, which you may not get with other lenders. C2 Financial Corporation is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a long list of industry awards, including being ranked #1 by AIME (Association of Independent Mortgage Experts). Located in Florida but licensed in 21 states, C2 is the best choice regarding Florida reverse mortgages.

What is a Florida Reverse Mortgage?

Primarily known for the migration of retirees from the North, Florida residents have taken advantage of the equity in their homes in the form of a reverse mortgage. Currently, there are 5102 reverse mortgages in the state.

A reverse mortgage allows you to access the equity you've built in your home without a monthly mortgage payment. Once qualified, you may choose from various payouts, including cash out, tenure (for lifetime monthly payments), term (for a specified period), a line of credit, or any combination of the above. Your current lien is paid off if you owe anything on your home. Most choose to establish a line of credit to be used when desired.

The great thing about the reverse mortgage is that it is considered "non-recourse," meaning the loan amount will never exceed the home's value when it becomes due. Borrowers must follow the loan terms, including maintaining the house, keeping property taxes and insurance current, and living in the home as a primary residence. Many retirees consider a Florida reverse mortgage a great way to "age in place" or pay for extended home care.

When a maturity event occurs – such as when you sell, move or pass away – the loan becomes due. Many borrowers or heirs choose to refinance the loan to retain the home. Proceeds from the refinance are applied to pay off the reverse mortgage and then to the estate. Another option to pay off the loan would be to sell the home.

About Florida

Colorful, tropical, and diverse, Florida lies in the southeastern area of the United States, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. The shoreline of Florida spans more than 8,400 miles, second only to Alaska. Rich with marine, plant, and animal life, Florida is home to over 400 species and subspecies of birds, and almost half of the tree species in the US are growing in Florida. It's not uncommon to spot alligators along the water's edge as you drive through the state.

The state population is 21,538,187, with diversity ranging from retirees, young people, and immigrants from Cuba. Tourism is the number one industry, and the state is known for amusement parks and attractions, including Disney World, Epcot Center, and the Kennedy Space Center. The largest metropolitan area is around Jacksonville, with a population of nearly 1 million, followed by Miami with roughly half that. The median home price in 2022 is $415,762.

Contact your Florida Reverse Mortgage Specialist.

If you’re considering a Florida reverse mortgage, now is a great time to contact Angella Conrard, CRMP. Her knowledge and communication style will make you feel at ease as you work through the process to get this life-changing loan product! Contact her today at (949) 439-7030.