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Coeur D'alene, Idaho Reverse Mortgages

"Unlock Financial Security in Coeur-Dalene, ID:  Counsel with Angella Conrard, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional"

Angella Conrard Reverse Mortgages

Angella Conrard, CRMP

Reverse Mortgage Advisor
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Reverse mortgages are an excellent way for seniors to tap into the equity they’ve built in their homes. But before they get started, it’s vital that they attend reverse mortgage counseling to understand all their options. In Coeur-Dalene, Idaho, certified reverse mortgage counselors can provide this guidance and help ensure that borrowers make an informed decision about their reverse mortgage loan.


Counseling sessions typically discuss how a reverse mortgage works, the borrower's responsibilities when taking out a loan, available payment plans, and the cost of the loan. The counselor will explain in detail all of the terms and conditions of a reverse mortgage so that borrowers fully understand what they agree to. During the session, borrowers will also be able to ask questions or voice any concerns to address all doubts before moving forward with their loan application.


Attending reverse mortgage counseling is not mandatory in Coeur-Dalene; however, it is strongly recommended for prudent financial planning. Not only does it provide crucial information about the loan itself, but it can also alert borrowers to other factors worth considering—such as whether or not a Reverse Mortgage will affect Social Security income or eligibility for other financial assistance programs—allowing them to make an informed decision about their loan.


Get all the facts you need to make an informed decision about reverse mortgages with a free information package from Angella Conrard, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional. This comprehensive resource includes information about HECM counselors in Coeur-Dalene, Idaho, and everything you need to know about reverse mortgages. Contact Angella Conrard today for your free information package! Call: 949-439-7030.


Coeur-Dalene, Idaho, is known as the "City of Sunshine" because it gets over 300 sunny days yearly. It's nestled next to beautiful Lake Coeur-Dalene, which provides endless opportunities for outdoor recreation like fishing, boating, and hiking. The city has a vibrant artistic community with galleries, museums, and performing arts venues. In addition, Coeur-Dalene is a great place to shop, with boutiques and specialty shops scattered throughout its downtown area. With its stunning scenery and robust cultural scene, Coeur-Dalene is a great place to call home!


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