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Idaho Falls, Idaho Reverse Mortgages

When You’re Considering a Reverse Mortgage in Idaho Falls, Idaho,

Angella Conrard, CRMP is Your Best Advisor

Angella Conrard Reverse Mortgages

Angella Conrard, CRMP

Reverse Mortgage Advisor
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Retired residents of Idaho Falls, Idaho, turn to Angella Conrard, CRMP, for their best reverse mortgage loan options. With over 16+ years of experience and the highest level of certification available, Angella is dedicated to educating and guiding you through the reverse mortgage process. Her philosophy has always been about "helping" others, starting when she was in the wellness industry. Now, as a member of C2 Financial Corporation, Angella brings her desire to educate and help others to the senior community of Idaho Falls and the surrounding area.


Because C2 Financial Corporation (based in Southern California) has the most options for reverse mortgage loans AND is an award-winning mortgage company, Angella is confident she can help find the right program for you.

What is an Idaho Falls Reverse Mortgage?

When you reach age 62 and have at least 50% equity built in your home, you may be able to tap into that equity to supplement your retirement portfolio without a monthly mortgage payment. A reverse mortgage allows you to utilize your equity through various payouts, including lump sum, line of credit, term (lifetime or for a specified time period), or a combination of these. It is "non-recourse," which means you never owe more than the home's value, and the loan is insured by the FHA (Federal Housing Administration).


Qualified seniors must maintain the home in good condition, keep current with property taxes and insurance, and live in the property as a primary residence for at least six months out of the year. The loan becomes due when a maturity event occurs, such as when you sell, move, or transition. The estate must then repay the loan. Some heirs sell the home, while others refinance the loan to a traditional mortgage.

About Idaho Falls, Idaho

Located in the Eastern part of Idaho bordering Wyoming and Montana, Idaho Falls is the second largest city in Idaho after its capital, Boise, and the metropolitan area. It was home to the first National Reactor Testing Stations to produce usable electricity in 1951. Unfortunately, in 1961 it became home to the only fatal nuclear reactor incident in U.S. history. Over time, 50 unique reactors were built at the facility for testing, but only three remain active today.


With a population of 162,786 residents, the median home price is $224,800. Idaho Falls metropolitan area is known for the health care, travel, and entertainment industries, and the largest employer is the Idaho National Laboratory. Because of its proximity to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Idaho Falls attracts visitors who enjoy outdoor activities, like fishing on the Snake River, golfing, and checking out the many art galleries.


If you’re ready to learn more about reverse mortgages in Idaho Falls, contact Angella today. She is happy to walk you through the process and choose from the best loan options available. Call 949-439-7030.

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